The day is white outside,The flakes fall slowI have to go and savour itMy footsteps in the snow…I get down on my kneesAnd suddenly I just knowMy hands build up towersA castle in the snow…A bridge, a door, a moatThe room where lives the crowHow well I still rememberMy homeland long ago…At that time, I didn’t careI longed for the Southern showFather died for my foolishnessAnd now the war winds blow…Far North, all burnt downBy a friend turned into foeBut Winterfell lives againRight here, built in snow…Sweetrobin is awakeAnd with just a single blowHis Giant smashed downMy castle in the snow…Now Petyr is around meWhat he wants? I don’t knowBut he does a major follyWhile my aunt looks down below…Lysa thinks I want himAnd I swear it isn’t soAll I wanted was to buildMy castle in the snow…. 
By Little Miss Sunshine

The day is white outside,
The flakes fall slow
I have to go and savour it
My footsteps in the snow…

I get down on my knees
And suddenly I just know
My hands build up towers
A castle in the snow…

A bridge, a door, a moat
The room where lives the crow
How well I still remember
My homeland long ago…

At that time, I didn’t care
I longed for the Southern show
Father died for my foolishness
And now the war winds blow…

Far North, all burnt down
By a friend turned into foe
But Winterfell lives again
Right here, built in snow…

Sweetrobin is awake
And with just a single blow
His Giant smashed down
My castle in the snow…

Now Petyr is around me
What he wants? I don’t know
But he does a major folly
While my aunt looks down below…

Lysa thinks I want him
And I swear it isn’t so
All I wanted was to build
My castle in the snow…. 

By Little Miss Sunshine

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