"Bring him before the king"
They said, “the King in the North!”
"Bring the Lannister scum
Go on, bring him forth!”

"I have terms to give you"
He said, sitting there in all his glory.
"I am no longer a boy"
He said, “I will have no folly”.

In the books the messenger
Is not the same.
But the actions are what matter
Not the fool’s name.

"I offer your cousins peace
If they meet my terms”.
The King in the North
So quickly does he learn!

Sansa and Arya, dear sisters
Must be released.
They must be unharmed
Or hell will be unleashed.

The bones of all who died
Including his dear father
Must be returned
To be interred beside his brother.

Joffrey and the Queen Regent
Must renounce all claim over the North
This is not negotiable
For from this day forth

"We are a free and independent kingdom"
Robb Stark cried.
"Else for what are we fighting for?
For what did your brothers die?”

The messenger stammered
"These are.. your grace.."
"These are my terms"
Robb put him in his place.

"If these terms are not met
I will litter the south with Lannister dead”.
"King Joffrey is Baratheon"
"Oh is he?" Our king said.

Our King in the North
Brave and true
He’s loyal and honest
And easy on the eyes, too!

By Fire&Blood

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