Five kings and our bards?!

Fragile Bird said Joff’s not a bastard 
Regardless a monster like a child of Crasters 
But we’ll talk later in general chatter
M’Lady, I knew Tyrion would be framed, I couldn’t be madder 

Speaking of M’Lady that’s a fucked up dream
Hopefully Wargless not a sleep of green
Reminds me of the North boy’s howls and screams 
The way Robb lost his life, for the sake of Westerling

Buckwheat the sweet, not sure about the order 
Mayhaps his death was discussed in A Feasts chap of the daughter
I think it was the Kraken but I also could’nt be wronger  
We should really know this like who pushed Balon into water

Fire&Blood smokings bad for you, but it is so good to be true
Congrats on cutting back, something I should do to
(while writing this rhyme I just sparked one up, I’m a fool)
Oh and Stannis is still alive, its funny he’ll never rule

Yes we all know who was the lamest in the Baratheon house
His life was pointless, just a way to look at Mel and say wow
Renly got cut open, it looked like a man with two mouths
But you already know who I will and have served
The Peach In The South!

By Ndrew of Typhgarian

Balon Greyjoy

Balon Greyjoy


The New Faces of Season 2