Euron, oh how I love thee

Euron, Euron, quite contrary,
You love to pilliage and not sow
With silent crews, and pirate shoes,
And pretty maids heads chopped off and all in a row.

Theon and Asha went over the sea
To fetch Winters Castle
Theon was captured, it was such a disaster
And Asha will come tumbling after…………………Then Euron will take what is his with Fire and Blood! 

By the Bastard of Summer


serve,protect and obey,simple vows for simple men to follow
rock,salt and iron price for iron islanders,they do not sow
a dragon and a hundred silver for Tysha,she was a hoe’

by Onarjyo Khsatriya

Soul on a stick
Soul on a stick
I’m after Ramsay’s
Soul on a stick

I was given an Idea by Jon
To ride to open battle, which I won
The Greyjoys came to my side
Time to turn the tide

Traitors inside,
Traitors live and traitors die
But my traitors are safe
In Ramsay’s flesh they plunged a knife

As a final note
We play this accord
I will be the king
Jon will be a lord.

by DR Supporter

A shattered smile, tattered hands,
Pale and wasted skin
A mind that’s ever slipping, and
The scars you hide within

Hold your broken head up high
And taste the ocean spray
What is dead may never die
But rises strong someday

by Silver Spearwife

House Words

What is dead may never die
He hears the waves call his name
The wind whispers, calls in sighs
We do not sow, in this game

We always pay our debts
To our friends and our foes
Hear me roar, hear us roar
Everyone does, he knows

When the cold winds blow
The pack survives
But when winter comes
The lone wolf doesn’t die

Fire cannot kill the dragon
She steps onto the pyre
The blood magic of old
Returns, with blood and fire

Family, duty, honour
Honour binds her to the river
But her duty is north
And family it gives her

Ours is the fury
Not one, not two, but three
The stags dance for the throne
Slaughtering happily

We are the sword in the darkness
The shield that guards the realms of men
But what happens to the boy
When home calls to him again?

by Dracarya

Everybody’s trying to tell me how to be
Oh, I need a remedy - they give it to me
It’s like: “Do what you want goddamn you’re an Ironborn!”
And “Always be a good boy ‘cause yo’ daddy said so!”

I search in the dark, Greyjoy or Stark?
Don’t know how I feel and nothing is real
No, I don’t know the way to go
I write down my lines - it’s just letters and signs.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Throw it all away, now what is the truth?
There’s an old doctrine stuffed down my throat
Without warning : head overload!

I search in the dark, Greyjoy or Stark?
Don’t know how I feel and nothing is real
No, I don’t know the way to go
I write down my lines - it’s just letters and signs.

by Lady of Oldcastle

Crackpot: The Captain’s Daughter

Gods I love that theory, abouth the captian’s kid
She talked to much, so Theon taught her to suck dick
But when Greyjoy departed she knew sompthing was amiss
Went to the docks, to tell him, but Theon is a prick
When he took Winterfell, she probably felt it kick
Now there’s a Greyjoy heir, she’s going to be rich
But to birth a kraken, give a kid to the water it’s the drowned god’s king’s blood bit

by Ndrew of Typhagarian

Crackpot: Euron’s identity?

Gerion sailed in the Laughing Lion
He wished to recover a sword
Lost in ancient Valyria
his wife,he had her aboard.

He left her in Braavos
to his quest pursue
She turned to prostitution
as hunger grew and grew

And Gerion,Valyria
he did in good time reach
but there he met bold Euron
a pirate and a leech.

He killed the Ironborn pretender
and glamoured his ID
Now he sails the treacherous seas
with Euron’s identity.

by redriver

House Sigils. Hodor.

Balon Greyjoy

Balon Greyjoy

House Greyjoy. We do not Hodor.

House Greyjoy. We do not Hodor.

The Drowned God of the Iron Islands

The Drowned God of the Iron Islands

Theon the Ironborn

Theon the Ironborn

What is dead may never die…

What is dead may never die…


Theon Greyjoy about girls water and slaughter 
In his first POV he knocked up the captains daughter 
(a “kings-blood” theory that I discovered while I left U.S.A’s borders
Should have posted that first, I guess I fucked up the order

Now this kid is dickless and can no longer use joints
Uncle Damphair religious, a high priest who appoints 
A crazy chick, or his bro the idiot because he was raped when he was a boy 
All of this is quite confusing like my fucking “1 warning points”

by Ndrew of Typhgarian