For All The Pretty Young Things ;)

I’m looking for a boy toy, I’m pretty keen,
Richard Madden would do for one,
He’s easy on the eyes from what I’ve seen,
I’d take him home when all is said and done.

I’m looking for a boy toy, they’re handy you see,
Kit Harrington I’d like to have around,
He’s brooding and soulful and pretty as can be,
You must agree my judgement is sound.

I’m looking for a boy toy, somebody cool,
Harry Lloyd, Viserys slender as a reed,
Would he allow me to use him as my tool,
Or would he say, I don’t do that, no indeed!

I’m looking for a boy toy, is there a ginger one,
Alfie Allen’s pretty cute in a hungry sort of way
As long as he’s not a twit like our Theon
Maybe I could lure him here one happy day.

I’m looking for a boy toy, maybe someone strong,
Joe Dempsie shows off mighty fine,
I could watch him shirtless all day long,
Me and ten thousand girls, get in line!

I’m looking for a boy toy, is there someone more,
Someone with a sense of humor,
Who’d have me rolling on the floor,
With fun and laughter and maybe something more. 

By Fragile Bird

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She seems a sweet girl. You cannot know—”

I can. You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Val seized his arm.I want the monster out of there. Him and his wet nurses. You cannot leave them in that same tower as the dead girl.

Jon shook her hand away. “She is not dead.

She is. Her mother cannot see it. Nor you, it seems. Yet death is there.” She walked away from him, stopped, turned back. “I brought you Tormund Giantsbane. Bring me my monster.”

If I can, I will.

Do. You owe me a debt, Jon Snow.

Jon watched her stride away. She is wrong. She must be wrong. Greyscale is not so deadly as she claims, not in children.