I knew three men in my marriages,
each with his very own carriages
of trouble. One loved my brother
better than me, had no time to bother
with making an heir.
One was too cruel, I could almost despair
marrying him, my grandma had to
kill him as was his due.
The third one is still a little child,
not fierce, not angry, not a little wild -
They know he can’t give me anything, can he?
So I just have too stick with Moon Tea.

by Buckwheat

A conversation about one particular scene…

Ndrew of Typhgarian:

So Flower chick aint even a virgin
But it aint Renly’s dick that she’s earnin
A baby boy is all she is yearnin
But it’s like trying to have sex with a Mermman


That scene was so awkward
“Pretend I’m Loras and bend me over backward”
Margaery is no maid?
She knows how this game is played.

Lady of Oldcastle:

That bit made me pause the scene,
because with laughter I screamed,
“I turn around and you pretend I’m the knight of the Flowers”
That’s a whole new level of strange, but still didn’t raise Renly’s tower

The women truly are the strong ones!

Daenerys, lost in the red waste,
But you have learnt to put on your queen’s face.
Your dragons will grow big and strong,
And you’ll be queen before too long.

Oh Sansa, sweetling,
You are brave to take his beatings.
You must remain strong,
You’ll be free before too long.

Little Arya, poor young girl,
Before you go home you must travel the world.
You must remain strong,
You’ll be home before too long.

Queen Cersei, stuck in a cage,
Lesser men tremble at your rage.
You are so very strong,
You’ll have power before too long.

Margaery, innocent flower,
Soon you’ll be holding the power.
You must remain strong,
You’ll be queen before too long.

Oh Ygritte, wildling girl,
You soon became Jon Snow’s world.
You were so very strong,
You’ll see him again before too long.

Catelyn Tully, now Stark,
I know your children are in your heart.
You must remain strong,
You’ll be with them again before too long.

Lysa Arryn, forced to be married,
But to your love you’ll soon be carried.
Your boy must grow up strong,
He’ll be lord before too long.

Young Gilly, Craster’s daughter,
You long to escape across the water.
You must remain strong,
You’ll escape before too long.

Oh Shireen, your greyscale,
Makes the men grow very pale.
You must remain strong,
You’ll find a match before too long.

Melisandre, with your red hair,
You’re only doing what you think is fair.
You are so bright and strong,
You’ll see the truth before too long.

Jeyne Poole, how could you know?
That your fate would be with Ramsay Snow.
You must remain strong,
Your saviour will come before too long.

Queen in the North, Jeyne Westerling,
How could you know you’d be the death of your king?
You must remain strong,
You’ll be with child before too long.

Roslin Frey, don’t cry,
We know it wasn’t your fault, aye.
You must remain strong,
Your husband will be freed before too long.

by Fire&Blood


Renly, what rhymes with Renly?
Something I can’t answer so simply
He thought his brothers were beastly
He was far more Kingly
With his Tyrell buddy, he did talk and pray
And during their midnight play
They struck a happy bargain
Marry his sister and a throne he will gain
But there was little love in their match
But that’s more than Slurms has had, because he’s not a catch…. :(
And he was wondering if kindly Ndrew would give him some of his cheering batch?
If you know what I mean?? 

By Slurms McKenzie