Two Weddings

Robb Stark was married in a wedding white
his bride, his love, king’s future bright
Robb Stark attended a wedding red
his love his world all colored dead.

By Baitac

The Starks of Winterfell

Ned’s face is plain and long

We won a battle that was lost

But now his head is on King’s Landing’s wall

When he died the war was on.

Robb was brave and strong

And he had his crown on

But he married the wrong maiden fair

And now he has wolf’s hair.

Sansa was a maiden fair

Sewing and singing and brushing her hair

A wolf, a lion thought that was a lie

But she will make the bad man fly

Arya’s face was long and horsey

And she always preferred to be outdoorsy

Valar morghulis she just said

And brought her own certain end.

Bran always enjoyed climbing

But the knight was a monster and made him flying

Don’t despair he is alive

And he will be there after everyone die

Rickon the younger grew angry and alone

Left with Osha and got lost

But now that this mummer’s farce is done

The Onion Knight will bring him home

Though he is a Snow Jon is here

Having a white wolf near

He felt in a trap without seeing

And then he found his red sword to save the Realm to save his kin

Because he is the once and future King!

Those are the Starks we love seeing

Because they are special and honorable beings

Though they are scattered they are not lost

Because winter is coming to Westeros.

By Jon’s Queen Consort

Two Weddings

Robb Stark was married in a wedding white
his bride, his love, king’s future bright
Robb Stark attended a wedding red
his love, his world, all colored dead.

by Baitac

The Young Wolf

The Young Wolf now to war is gone,
In the ranks of death ye will find him.
His kingly sword he hath girded on,
And his direwolf beside him.
"Free Northmen!" said the warrior king,
"The Lannisters have betrayed thee,
One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard,
One king shall strive to save thee!”

The Young Wolf fell! But The North will rise,
And tear this world asunder.
The land he loved would never die,
But respond with blood & thunder.
For the wolves still prowl and the cold winds howl,
And ghosts of old now stalk the tower.
The North was made for the brave and free,
And shall never live in slavery. 

by TheButcherCrow

In Case you haven’t seen this. The Bards love this!!!


The Young Wolf is dead and cold,
the little She-Wolf lost in the world,
Little Bird still in her golden cage,
her brother turning in a seeing mage,
the wild boy may become a cannibal,
their half-brother may be killed at the Wall,
but when the faith together them will bring,
they will happily live through the spring.

By Buckwheat

Even though his son he did lose
The Greatjon might give us good news
Our great expectation
Is his liberation
To send Robb’s regards back to Roose

By Myrish Swamp Thing

Dedicated to Robb

King Robb turned Lann armies to scrap
That changed when he went to the Crag
And there he betrayed
The Lord Walder Frey
Bowmen at a wedding? Oh crap!

The wrong girl made Robb tie the knot
For that full of bolts he was shot
Now TV will make
That same old mistake
At least Lady T’s smoking hot :drool:

By Juanvito

The Young Wolf was a lad that killed many a man,
He was driving Lord Tywin insane,
A corwn made of bronze and iron he wore,
And he was the Lannister’s bane.

Well it was Walder Frey, that old weasel-faced coward
I wonder how he feels,
For the Young wolf ate his bread, but the Wedding became Red
Then he laid the Young Wolf in his grave.

Well the Young Wolf had a wife to mourn for his life
But no heir she ever gave
And that old, weasel-faced coward, while his daugther was deflowered
Was laying the Young Wolf in his grave

The Young Wolf was a boy, the King in the North,
His problem, he had never had a child
There never was a man with a sword in his hand
That could take the Young Wolf when alive!

And on these autumn nights, when the moon was shining bright,
He fought, again and again
And people they did say o’er many miles away
Of his crown he was proving himself deign!

Well the Young Wolf had a wife to mourn for his life
But no heir she ever gave
And that old, weasel-faced coward, while his daugther was deflowered
Was laying the Young Wolf in his grave

Now the people held their breath when they heard of Robb Stark’s death,
And wondered how he ever came to fall
Walder Frey, it was a fact, the whole northern army wracked
While the Young Wolf was feasting in his hall

Now the Young Wolf went to rest with a head on his neck,
Of the devil they called Grey Wind.
For his main mistake with his very life he payed,
This King of a solitary race.

Well the Young Wolf had a wife to mourn for his life
But no heir she ever gave
And that old, weasel-faced coward, while his daughter was deflowered
Was laying the Young Wolf in his grave

by Franz95

There once was a son of Lord Ned
Who took Lady Jeyne to his bed
He sought to subside
The Freys’ prickly pride
And now has a wolf for a head

by Silver Spearwife

Jeyne Westerling (before Stark)

I see his smiling when he sees me,
I see he is happy whenever we meet,
I hear laughter when he’s talking to me,
and it all makes my heart quicker to beat.

But then I wonder what really is hidden
behind this grey Northern eyes -
Does he really like me? The question forbidden
and fear that I’m living on lies.

And the next day, when we’re talking again,
again the happy dizzyness, and feeling of flying -
and I cannot concentrate, I can’t count to ten.
Love is such a mixed feeling, in my bed I am sighing.

by Buckwheat

L’erede del signore i vessilli a sé chiamò
E i suoi uomini gli misero una corona in testa
Ma una promessa un giorno ahimè dimenticò
E senza pietà fu massacrato ad una festa

A sua sorella dissero, “tu diverrai regina”
Amava le canzoni su dame e cavalieri
Ma oramai è cresciuta, non è più una bambina
E si è dimenticata i suoi sogni di ieri

Viveva a Grande Inverno una giovane ribelle
Che volle un giorno imparar come tirar di spada
Ma nella capitale un dì rischiò la pelle
E non tornò più a casa, si perse per la strada

Per amore un uomo lo gettò giù da una torre
Il piccolo Bran Stark camminare non può più
Ma anche se non si arrampica e non corre
Imparerà a volare e ad andar sempre più su

Del quinto figlio non abbiam saputo nulla per un po’
Ma il buon contrabbandiere lo riporta a Grande Inverno
L’erede del ragazzo che già il Nord liberò
Ai Bolton e ai Frey farà veder l’inferno!

(Literal translation:
The lord’s heir called the banners
And his men put a crown on his head
But alas one day he forgot a promise
And without mercy he was killed at a feast

To his sister they said, “you will be a queen”
She used to love the songs about ladies and knights
But now she’s grown up, she’s a child no more
And she has forgotten what she dreamed yesterday

A young rebel once lived in Winterfell
She wanted to learn how to fight with a sword
But she risked her life in the capital one day
And she never came home, on the road she lost the way

For love a man shoved him down a tower
And young Bran Stark can walk no more
But even if he cannot run and climb
He is learning to fly, higher and higher

Of the fifth son we’ve known nothing for a while
But the good smuggler is taking him to Winterfell
The heir of the boy who already freed the north
Is going to show hell to the Boltons and the Freys)

by Franz95 


  • Stannis is so savvy with a blade, that when he cuts the fingers off criminals, they thank him for it!
  • Stannis doesn’t need a helmet in battle, his claim is THAT good.
  • Dragons wish they were the Blood of the Stannis.
  • Melisandre originally had two rubies around her throat.
  • Stannis ripped one off and threw it. This is the red comet.
  • Stannis is so manly that even his wife has facial hair.
  • A wildling woman once told him “You know everything, Stannis Baratheon”.
  • Stannis Baratheon once warged into a dragon, just to experience weakness.
  • Stannis once warged into Bloodraven.
  • Stannis made all the Storm and Reach Lords declare for Renly, just to give him a challenge.
  • Stannis once went camping in Valyria. This is known as the “Doom”.
  • Stannis has been known to say “I am Darkstar, and I am of the Night” and actually instill fear in people with it.
  • When Stannis started burning people, Targs started pretending they’d been doing it for years, just to be like Stannis (even making up stories about pyro kings and everything!).
  • Stannis once had a staring contest with Tywin Lannister. Stannis won.
  • The Mother was the Maid, before she met Stannis Baratheon.
  • Storm’s End was Storm’s Beginning before Stannis told it to stop.
  • In the land of always winter the Others say, “Stannis is coming”’, and “May Stannis take you”
  • Actual fact: there are two types of people in these books; those who are afraid of Stannis and those who ARE Stannis.
  • Knowing the Westeros wide renown of Stannis Baratheon: Badass, everybody and their best friend’s cousin tries to make up “badass” nicknames to match Stan the man’s fame. Sword of the Morning, The Mountain that Rides, The Young Wolf, Darkstar, the Demon of the Trident, Mother of Dragons, you name it. But there is only one STANNIS BARATHEON.
  • The reason it takes so long for George R.R. Martin to write a book is because he has to ask Stannis Baratheon for permission to mention his name.

Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! Wedding!
Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! Wedding!

I was caught in the middle of the Twins’ greathall!
I looked round and I knew there was nowhere to run!
My mind raced and I thought of Greywind at first!
And I knew there was no way, no way for you!
Sound of the bows, taking down my guards!
The pain of arrows, yeah, tearing me apart!
I’ve been Walder’s guest!

Danced round with Dacey, the Frey girls, he wasn’t content!
Edmure married Roslin, yeah Roslin, and he had some fun!
We’ve had some food, some wine that gave us time!
I did break rules, he didn’t forgive!
Yeah yeah, he, he, he’ll kill us all!

Now I’m searching for Greywind!
Can he stay alive, please!
Yeah my mother watches me die!
I’ve been Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!

Now I’m reaching for Greywind!
Can he stay alive, please!

Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!

Yeah yeah yeah, saying yeah, I will die!
My mum sees me die!
Yeah, I will die!
Mum sees me die!
Die, die, die, Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
I’ve been Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
Walder’s guest!
I’ve been Walder’s guest!

by Buckwheat

A young king leads armies south from the north,
Riverrun, Oxcross, towards the Crag forth.
Winning on field, he loses the battle in bed -
upon waking in morning, to Jeyne he is wed.

The old man’s too proud to take this slight in,
the argument with him Young Wolf means to win.
Despite the numerous diligent wards,
“Jaime Lannister sends his regards.”

Ein junger König von Norden nach Süden führt sein Heer,
Schnellwasser, Ochspass, bis Felsen am Meer.
Am Feld immer gewonnen, im Bett verliert die Schlacht -
ein Mädchen seine Frau, wenn er morgens aufwacht.

Der alte Mann ist zu stolz, als es zu vertragen,
Junger Wolf denkt, auf seine Ehre zu wagen.
Obwohl seine Wächter immer nah sein müssen,
“Jaime Lannister lässt Sie grüßen.”

by Buckwheat