Here’s the story,
Of an ambitious lioness mother,
Who was bringing up three very different offspring.
All of them had hair of gold,
Like their mother and real father,
The youngest one loved cats.

Here’s the story,
Of a man named Stark,
Who was busy with six kids of his own.
They were of the north,
Living all together, with their direwolves content to be left alone.

Till the one day when the lioness set her men on the Starks,
and everyone knew this was much more than the spark,
needed to set Westeros ablaze,
with raids in the Riverlands.
And that’s the way Westeros tore itself apart during the War of Five Kings,
The War of Five Kings, the War of Five Kings
That’s the way Westeros became embroiled from Dorne to the Wall
in the War of Five Kings.

by Howling Mad

Five Kings

Joffrey is an idiot,
and a vicious one at that,
why are we cursed with such a king,
at least Aerys was only mad

Balon is slimy,
like the squid on his cloak,
can’t walk over a bridge,
now we’re rid of this bloke.

Renly is fancy,
likes peaches and tourneys,
should have been scared of the shadows,
now ended have his journeys.

Stannis is iron,
law and justice his thing,
he’ll cut off your fingers,
but make you hand of the king.

Robb is a pup,
lost without his pack,
battles he won plenty,
but lost the war on his back…

Five kings are blind,
only their own way is seen,
now they’re all gone,
and still alive is a queen.

by Winter’s Lady

Images from episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie go towards Harrenhall with Lannister soldiers, including the Mountain and some of his men, like Ser Armory Loch.

Images from episode 4, “Garden of bones”

Robb continues his war against the Lannisters with Lord Bolton by his side 

Images from the promo of episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

Littlefinger arrives to Renly’s camp, Stannis and Renly talk 

The War of the Five Kings

The War of the Five Kings