Sansa’s Thoughts During the Battle of Blackwater

I knew a Queen as fair as summer,
With wildfire in her eyes
She bid me wed her royal prince
And beguiled me with lies.

For her sweet smile I surrendered,
My home and hearth and family.
For her son, and for her schemes
Became a prisoner willingly.

My handsome prince a monster proved,
His monster became my shield.
And all the summer songs I knew
Were a mockery revealed.

And now her good brother rages out
While the river smokes and burns.
While within, the Warrior and the Mother
Collect homage by turns.

She swears to me, with empty courage
“I will not alone this day die
“Should my city fall and children perish,
You, with your father shall lie.”

by Winter’s Knight

Unsung Heroes - Podrick Payne

Podrick of House Payne,
A lesser branch that is,
Was taken in by Tyrion,
To be a squire of his.

The Battle of the Blackwater
Left many a man dead.
But not our brave Podrick,
Who helped turn the river red.

Tyrion Lannister was not liked,
His sister would prefer his head spiked.
But our young Pod was faithful to his master,
And slew Ser Mandon even faster

Than Tyrion could blink,
And with a wink,
Our dear Pod,
Charged the docks.

Podrick Payne has a habit,
Of talking to his shoes.
But gods, when he is in battle, 
His metal does his prove.

Nine years old he is,
And when Joffrey dies,
Tyrion is imprisoned,
And our young Podrick cries

"I was his squire!
Ser, my lady,
I was his squire,
And he left me!”


By Fire&Blood