Riddle and Hidden Line

Everyday I thought of her
And the tragic way she died
Everyday I missed her
And all these tears for her I cried

She was gone, I carried on
Because life is never fair
Her face I wanted to always look upon
And to touch her lovely hair.

Now I am gone aswell
But she’s not resting next to me
So many leagues betweeen Winterfell
And this kindgom by the sea…

by Little Miss Sunshine

Tully freed the Kingslayer
No conformation from the King slash Mayor
So Robb forced his mom into a layer
Said think on what you’ve done and correct your behavior
With that he left his mom alone to her prayers
Even her son is a fucking Cat hater

Momma’s arrested, the trial must go on!
It’s close to Robb’s mind, like me and Titancon
But King Robb’s quite the soldier, a real fucking don
So Cat must nominate her champion, The Red Viper or Bronn?

by Gingerly Grumkin

Guard me well…

Catelyn Stark, a politician can’t be greater
But most don’t agree for some reason they hate her
Like their reading diffrent pages of paper
Who say Grey Wind should have looked at her and started to cater
But HBO is the real Catelyn hater

From the way fucking start, before “A raven has come”
Every line from her has been dumb
Started off with “Don’t take Bran, he’s too young”
As if she doesn’t know that she has a Stark son
When the kings feast started she made sure the Imp had rum
Her only concern was that people have fun
Her husband’s gonna be Hand and her advice is to run?
Said Game Of Thrones, of course we can shun
Who cares if a King could be your grandson
How in the seven hells is that a politician!

And what was up with the Baratheons kings?
I swear she didn’t say one fucking thing
Why was she behind Renly? Might as well be kissing his ring
She’s the regent of the Stark Dynasty! Like a Chinese Ming
And better then most characters which is no easy thing
They are Knights of Summer, not even Knights of Spring

When Uncle Stannis saw it he almost had a heart attack
Even Mommy Cersei started to gag
Papa Robert was pissed and he gave a kingly slap
But Joffrey did nothing like HBO’s butchery of Cat  

By Monsieur LeDauphin Grumkin       

Even Bronn needs a poem …

Was chilling with friends, well more like dudes in a gang
Don’t trust em with a copper, they’d take it to see me hang
Yet regardless we are lounging, in the Riverlands
Sipping on Tully Ale, it’s my favorite brand
Music could be better though fuck Marillion and his band
In the corner there was an old man, and his daughter’s looking bland
Then the Lannister Dwarf threw a dragon right into my hand
But the old man’s daughter was a Lady, I knew the dwarf was damned
The Lady was so upset I’d swear that her parts were filled with sand
She asked for swords to take him North so he will be trialled and canned
I could care less about politics, but gotta make that money man!         

By Monsieur LeDauphin Grumkin

Everyone has weaknesses, your current employer hides his very well, but not as well as he thinks…

The Peach in the South does not forgive (dedicated to Dracarya)

"If it please you, Brienne is enough… I’m no lady…"

The Starks…

Baby Rickon Stark
The hidden King in the North
With an Onion Hand

Brandon the Broken
Will fly and tell the future
Because he’s a tree

Arya Bolton
But she’s really nobody
Wonder who she’ll kill

Sansa Lannister
Soon to be Queen in the East
And kill Lord Baelish

Jon Targaryen
“Prince that’s promised”, and “Ahai”
Fuck the Ides of Marsh

King Stark the young wolf
Lost his life for Westerling
But she is pregnant

Undead Catelyn Stark
Mastermind at politics
But half trusted Freys

Good old dead Ned Stark
Was the dumbest man alive
Yet still Rest In Peace

by Ndrew of Typhgarian