Crackpot: Finest selection!

Some more pots full of crack
although it’s a stretch,
but please don’t attack,
for some might be off the edge.

The Eyre is impregnable!
Is said among other things-
but it might make for a nice layer
for dragons with great wings.

Sam the Slayer gets much scorn
for many think him craven,
but he carries the Winter’s horn,
believe me, send a raven!

Something that brings another theory,
is Theon and this captain’s kid,
cause how could he carry on a dynasty,
if Bolton cut off his dick.

He said as he left her-
I gave you a lot of my “seaweed”
who knows if his little bastard
might in the future be needed?

by Lady of Oldcastle

Crackpot: Reek

What is dead may never die!
The ironborn curse the God of the Sky,
they give themselves to the waters
and pray to the Drowned God not for daughters.

How is this crackpot? You may ask.
I don’t know, I’m numb as my arse,
but what if Theon isn’t alive and well?
Reek is someone else, wouldnt that be swell?

by Fire&Blood

Crackpot: The horn of Winter!

I know, I know, I said I would sleep,
but had to give another peep.
Just read this wonderful idea,
I have never seen round here!

The Horn of Winter comes in many a shape,
but here’s an entirely different take:
A wolf sent by the old gods themselves,
eyes of blood and snow for pelt.

Told to be mute but how are we sure?
Maybe he never saw reason before?
When Ghost will howl, now listen you all,
this “Horn of Winter” will bring down the Wall!

by Lady of Oldcastle

Crackpot: Even more secret Targs!

Everybody says the Targs are nearly gone,
But believing some theories,
They’re actually really common.

The one that is almost good to go,
Is our dear Lord Commander Snow.
Ned Stark has a bastard, his honor forgotten?
If you really believe that some brain cells must be rotten.

Enough now of R+L=J,
We do not have all day.

Cersei has the common Targ crazy,
And with her brother makes twincest babies.
So daddy Aerys could have been very proud.
Cause we don’t know how Tywin’s wedding night turned out.

The other lion also a dragon?
How’s that possible? Come on!
But mismatched eyes and light blond hair,
Make for speculation out of thin air.

Another one I just read today,
Dear Jon might have had a sister to play!
No idea how what when why he got a twin,
But there’s speculation that Meera could have been.

A dragon cloaked in a spider’s shell
Damn Varys to some deep dark hell.
A Blackfyre, a dragon of a different time,
Or disguised Rhaegar, waiting for his time to shine?

I won’t miss Aegon on this list,
Although I’m not sure what he is.
A baby switch during the sack?
I don’t quite follow this track.

A Blackfyre maybe like Varys,
Or just some random boy from Lys.
Illyrio’s son with his lysene wife,
A mystery is this guy’s life.

by Lady of Oldcastle

Crackpot: Harry Houdini???

Not so much crack pot
But I think it’s hot
I caught it thanks to HBO’s show Boardwalk 
Mayhaps Harry the Heir’s name means quite a lot

Harry Houdini his name is still living 
Had a brother named Hardin, also a Magician 
Harry Hardying is Sansa’s betrothed I ain’t kidding 
The Eyrie’s so sketchy, I am full of suspicion

by Ndrew of Typhgarian

Crackpot: Sandor

Sandor Clegane, the Hound.
To the Vale he was bound.
But at the Inn at the Crossroads,
His brothers’ men decided to goad.

To little Arya Stark,
He taught to give mercy to the heart.
They killed the Mountains’ men,
And back she got Needle again.

Out in the forest, he grew ill,
But Arya stayed with him still.
Until she decided to make her escape,
No mercy for him, what a jape!

What became of our dear Hound?
I’ve heard the Quiet Isle was where he was found.
They have his horse, Stranger,
Known for his ability to be a danger.

Digging the graves, a large man,
Was liked by a dog, and huge were his hands.
Bigger than Brienne, no easy feat,
The Hound she did want to beat.

But covering his face,
He stayed in his place.
He dug the graves,
And well he behaves.

Who could it be?
Except for he.
He is not dead,
He’s breaking his bread
On the Quiet Isle.

by Fire&Blood

Crackpot: Azor Ahai

Patchface is Azor Ahai reborn
Not Danaerys or Jon Snow
They’ll swallow their comtempt and scorn
While the fool shouts “This I know!”

by Little Miss Sunshine

Crackpot theories - Euron and the Faceless Men

Mysterious badass brother goes by Euron
Paid a Faceless Man, not a bagain
An egg of a Kraken or mayhaps a Dragon?
Gave a ship and girl to brother Victarion
But the girl is just a tool, the Crow’s Eyes usesfor Wargin
Soon to harness the power of Targaryen
But will soon be undone by his Reeky nephew kin

by Ndrew of Typhgarian

Re: Crackpot theories - Lightbringer

Lady’s theory might well be correct,
but, honestly, I don’t expect.
Dragons are Lightbringer, my crackpot says,
but I like her poem nonetheless.

The riders then would be Azor Ahai,
flying on them up high in the sky.
Slaying the Others and the dragon mummer,
bringing to land an eternal summer.

by Buckwheat

Crackpot theories - Lightbringer

Let us dive deeper into this crackpot matter,
The evidence keeps getting better and better,
Lightbringer is not a sword but the Wall,
Rangers and builders and stewards and all.

The oath it gives the biggest clue,
“Sword in the darkness” Can it be true?
“The light that brings the dawn” aswell,
What else would the name Lightbringer tell?

Their purpose, mostly forgotten today,
Is to keep the northern darkness at bay.
Before them it shall flee, and brighten again will the sky,
But I hear you asking, who does that make Azor Ahai?

The man who wields the sword – the Watch?
Might be one who’s in a lot of theories and such.
Because let’s face it who else could fit though,
Than the elected Lord Commander - Snow?

Right now his situation is dire,
Many fear he’ll next face the funeral pyre.
But the Star bled when he got Caesar style stabbed,
Wounds smoked and salty tears were wept.

Now how the rebirth might be done ,
That’s an entirely different one…
So many chances, so little time,
To express everything in a single rhyme.

Now if you think this lass is bananas,
The idea came not from me but others,
I quickly adopted it as my pet theory,
Because say, what else could Lightbringer be?

by Lady of Oldcastle

Three headed dragons, merlings and…Freys?

Arya will be sent to kill Dany or Sansa or Master of Coin,
while three headed dragon are Tyrion Imp or mayhaps Jon.
I can’t guess who Freys will betray the next, but of one theory I suspect:
That Varys is a merling, cannot be correct.

by Buckwheat

Crackpot Part 2

M’Lady has called into question my Crack Pot beliefs
Syrio Forel can switch up his style like X-men’s mystique
Rhaegar is like Bran, chilling up in a tree
And many will be attributed for the death of Cersei
But not as many people responsible for the star that shall bleed

Azor-Ahai is common as normal tap water
Could be the imp, or somebody shorter
A fool like Patchface, or mayhaps even Hodor
But the sword is fake, not a ring out of Mordor
Wait wrong book, i meant the Dragonstone border

The Hound digs graves
Thats not as crackpot
Put Gregor to shame
But that part was hot

Robb’s a zombie, or alive in his dog
whatever theory you got, I’ll play along

by Ndrew of Typhgarian

Crackpot Part 1

Crackpot….oh gods where to start,
First one in mind, Syrio = Jaqen H’gar,
And also that still alive is Rhaegar.
A hundred candidates for Valonqar,
And who or what is the bleeding star.

Azor Ahai comes in many shapes,
Most ideas just funny japes,
Like Hodor! Or even Patchface!
Lightbringer is a different take,
For Stannis’s sword is defo a fake.

Sandor is the gravedigger,
Not so much crackpottish,
But makes many snigger.
UnGreyRobbWind will litter,
The Riverlands with Freys in winter .

Those are a few,
there are many and more,
for now that shall suffice,
there are two parts,
just like of Ice.

by Lady of Oldcastle