Some impressions on the show …

Episode 3 has aired
I didn’t think I’d care
But I eat my words
Rightly you just heard!

Ser Goldenhand the Just

A character that’s a must

D&D, you’ve done well
Never thought you could write so swell!

My only confusion is Reek
What’s his game, is he a sneak?
Interesting turn of events
I hope the changes we won’t lament.

Little Cat made me sad
The Blackfish is a lad!
Robb ripping Edmure a new one
Made me laugh, go on my son!

The Hound and Arya, good set-up
Goodbye Hot Pie, made me well up!
Poor little Pod, such a sweet lad
Tyrion’s antics made me laugh a tad.

Give me the Unsullied and I’ll give you a dragon
Dracarys will come from Drogon
Valar Morghulis, said Missandei
Yes, said Daenerys, all men must die.

By Dracarya

"If it please you, Brienne is enough… I’m no lady…"