No Freys allowed!

Red the wine
Black the bread
Bring it here
I’ll have beer instead

No Freys allowed
At this feast
We host only bards
Not treacherous beasts!

Roast beef supper
With potatoes and greens
Lemoncakes for after
The best you’ve seen

Let the direwolves in
The dragons can sit by me
I’ll feed them pork and beef
With a simple dracarys!

By Dracarya

The food of Westeros!

Now back to Westeros cuisine,
There are some things I’ve never seen.
Honeyed locusts, make me sick,
Though somewhere in the world they’re sold on a stick…

One thing that’s missing are potatoes,
And I think also tomatoes…
Tomatoes this lady always skips,
but instead of potatoes they eat turnips!

Sorry those rhymes aren’t my best,
All the blood required to digest,
Nothing left to fill my brain,
So in silence I will remain. 

By Lady of Oldcastle

The food of Westeros!

Pigeon pie is a delight
Dreamed of at nights and in the daylight.
When crust is cut,
True birds take flight
Pigeon pie is such a delight.

White as a snow
Grey as a storm
Black as the night
The birds take flight
You could not count them in your very sight
Pigeon pie is such a delight.

Children start laughing with eyes opened wide,
Grown men as well can not their glee hide,
The crust that is left is by all hungryly eyed,
Pigeon pie is such a delight.

Tell no one or all,
But mostly I like
That on pigeon pie
King Joffrey had died.
It was so good and felt so right,
That pigeon pie was the greatest delight!

By A Free Shadow