serve,protect and obey,simple vows for simple men to follow
rock,salt and iron price for iron islanders,they do not sow
a dragon and a hundred silver for Tysha,she was a hoe’

by Onarjyo Khsatriya

The Rightful Claimant

It matters not who owns the crown
He’ll take it anyway
The largest army falls to him
With this, he plans to stay

“Cease this madness, foolish boy,
We’ll decimate each other.”
“You’re wrong,” he says, “it’s you who’ll die,
So bow to me, my brother.”

Two more kings vie for the throne
And say they’re each the one
The passed king’s brother of Dragonstone,
And, too, his “trueborn” son

“Begone, you vile evil brat,
It’s my crown that you wear.”
“And who are you to tell me so?
When I’m the rightful heir?”

The longheld reign of King Aegon
Has fled, yet still it lives
The dragon girl and dragon boy
Will take what’s hers and his

“The cursed Usurper stole my throne!”
The dragon queen decrees
“What of you? Our bloodline says
That throne belongs to me.”

As madness falls, the northerners
Have chosen to secede
The ironborn now seize their chance
And, too, decide to leave

“Some conqueror, long years ago,
Made us bend the knee
Those distant years have long since gone
We choose now to be free.”

The tattered Folk who stand behind
Their King-Beyond-the-Wall
Will fight and plot and war and try
To claim the land for all

“Who are you to take the realm?
It belongs to every man.
We’ll free you kneelers from your bonds
And take the bloody land!”

A dying race sighs dying breaths
Recalling what was theirs
Pushed ever farther, higher north
When foolishly they shared

“There was a time we owned the realm
All this, our native land
Forgotten, though, we fade away,
Too weak to make a stand.”

A cold wind blows across a field,
The ground a purest white
A gentle snow drifts calmly from
A sky of purest night

“Too many years of biding time
No longer will suffice
The truest kings return to claim
Our realm - with blood and ice.”

by Silver Spearwife

Ironborn:An Anthem

Our fathers raiders were,
Our sons shall reavers be
Blood and plunder is our lot
Ironborn do not reap.

We take what we please
To the seas our enemies send
Blessed with salt and with rock
Ironborn do not bend.

The ocean is our second home
We swim and we row
We do not fear the briny blue
Ironborn do not sow.

by Winter’s Knight

The Ironborn!

The Ironborn!
What is dead may never die
They will never mourn,
their eyes forever dry.
These hard men
pay the iron price
they take it there and then
not caring who it is
for they will rise again

by Tom Bombadil

Damphair likes the Maiden Fair?

We do not sow
I take that too literal
No needles for me
Just give me that fiddle.
I’ll play you a song
Mayhaps you’ll like it
The Bear and the Maiden Fair?
That Damphair, might like it

by Tom Bombadil

Balon Greyjoy

Balon Greyjoy

The Drowned God of the Iron Islands

The Drowned God of the Iron Islands

Theon the Ironborn

Theon the Ironborn

The Ironborn - Aeron Greyjoy aka Damphair

An Ironborn, rough as his land,
Devoted to the Drowned Lord,
At war with the Storm,
like the sea we all came from,
spreading his God’s word.

Blesses men with salty water,
Takes lives from them and gives it again,
To the watery halls we all return,
When our days are done,
And suffer through life until then.

by Lady of Oldcastle

The Greyjoy brothers

The Greyjoy brothers

The Iron Fleet

(obviously to the tune of “In the NAVY”)

Where can you find pleasure
Reave the world for treasure
Learn drowning properly
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
On the land or on the sea?
Where can you learn to fight
and always pay the iron price
Study navigation
Sign up for the drowned men
Or lay in the soft sand
When you join the Iron Fleet!

In the Iron Fleet
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
In the Iron Fleet
Yeou can have saltwives as you please
In the Iron Fleet
Come on now, Ironborn, make a stand
In our Fleet, in our Fleet
Can’t you see we need a hand
In the Iron Fleet
Come on, protect the mother land
In the Iron Fleet
Come on and join your fellow man
In the Iron Fleet
Come on people, and make a stand
In the Iron Fleet, in the Iron Fleet…

They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit

If you like adventure
Don’t you wait to enter
The priest has to drown you first
Don’t you hesitate
There is no need to wait
They’re signing up new ironmen fast
Maybe you are too young
To join up today
Bout don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
For I’m sure there will be
Always a good fleet
Reaving the land and sea


Who me?

They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit

But, but, but, I’m afraid of water.
Hey, hey look
Man, I get seasick even thinking about the sea!

They want you, they want you in the Iron Fleet

Oh my goodness.
What am I gonna do on the Sea Bitch?

They want you, they want you in the Iron Fleet


by Lady of Oldcastle

The Drowned God

Drowned God, Lord of boats,
Watch o’er the men who raid the coasts.
Protect them with raging seas
And give them fair winds and plunder and maidens thee.
Grant them from thy great Seastone Chair
The wisdom to listen to thine own servant the Damphair.

by Howling4Reed

Yara Asha Greyjoy 

Yara Asha Greyjoy 

The Ironmen - Drowning for you

I must admit, I can’t explain
This devotion going through my brain
But it’s true, oh God I’m drowning for you!

There’s something wrong
With other faiths
The rest of Westeros ain’t got a clue
Oh God, I’m drowning for you!

“What is dead
Can never die”
One day you all will be converted too
Oh God, I’ll drown them for you!

Wattery halls, holy spot
That’s where rest the ones who fought!
They knew
That, God, they all drowned for you!

by Little Miss Sunshine