Who do you bet on?

A dragon on Ser Loras with the green-and-gold shield,
to whom many a maid would willingly yield!

A stag on Ser Jaime with blazing green eyes,
in which there are many Lannister lies!

A copper on no-ser, angry burned Hound,
who to his Little Bird is by honour bound!

And my silken scarf to Ser Grumpkin Ahai,
so it will flatter high in the sky,
when he has it bound on his sharp and long lance,
and after the tourney, with me he will dance!

By Buckwheat

A conversation about one particular scene…

Ndrew of Typhgarian:

So Flower chick aint even a virgin
But it aint Renly’s dick that she’s earnin
A baby boy is all she is yearnin
But it’s like trying to have sex with a Mermman


That scene was so awkward
“Pretend I’m Loras and bend me over backward”
Margaery is no maid?
She knows how this game is played.

Lady of Oldcastle:

That bit made me pause the scene,
because with laughter I screamed,
“I turn around and you pretend I’m the knight of the Flowers”
That’s a whole new level of strange, but still didn’t raise Renly’s tower

The Peach in the South!

Renly’s gay let it be known
he bathes with Loras Tyrell
it is known
The Iron throne deserves
a good king
The Peach in the South?
That has a nice ring

By TomBombadil