Grumpkin Ahai wins the tourney all over again!

Grumpkin Ahai, the mystery knight
enters the tourney, noone in sight
that were as bold and brave as him,
he an the horse make a winning team!

He wins against all other knights,
for him many an eye of maids lights.
When he wins the last joust, he lovingly names
the Queen of Love and Beauty, and nobody him blames!

By Buckwheat

Welcome back, Grumpkin Ahai!

Today we are having a tourney to welcome back one of our bards! Let the games begin!

Welcome to the tourney!
We hope you enjoy your stay
Here in Kings Landing
You can do what you may!

In honour of the Grumpkin
We have a variety of whores
Take your pick, my lord
And later we’ll have roast boar.

More wine for you?
Your wish is our command
Here in Kings Landing
We’re happy to lend a hand.

Welcome back, Grumpkin!
You have been sorely missed
We welcome you with this tourney
And from the queen of love and beauty, a kiss.

Let the knights enter the lists
Ready their horses, wards!
Are you sitting comfortably?
Begin your songs, bards!

By Dracarya