Riddle and Hidden Line

Gente soul, gentle heart,
Even here, where frozen chastity retires.
I was doomed right from the start
Why I’ve been spared, guess we’ll never know
I wish I was still living there, in that kingdom below
But we ride to victory, they’ve seen it in the fires.

Though I’m young as the maid
They think I’m ugly as the crone
But beauty is within, that’s what they say
I may be important, help the dark times fade
The true dragon awaken from stone!

by Little Miss Sunshine

Shireen’s parentage???

The Lady Selyse has a mustache on her face
So it’s not crazy that she’s seen rarely by His Grace
Yet kings must have children even if they lack Florent taste
The solution is obvious, it is such a clear case
That Shireen’s real father, is her best friend Patchface

by Grumpkin Ahai


no one likes stannis

robert doesn’t like stannis

renly doesn’t like stannis

selyce doesn’t like her hubby stannis

shireen likes her papa stannis

but stannis doesn’t like shireen

stannis doesn’t like stannis

melisandre doesn’t like stannis

she’s just using him

for azor ahai prophecy

also for sex

maybe davos likes stannis

but no one likes davos

except maybe his kids

but they all die

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Patchface the Poet

Oh Shireen, little Shireen,
Your ears in the wind they blow,
They are all scared of you for your face,
Greyscale hurt you back in the days,
Oh, oh, oh, this I know.

Oh Shireen, little Shireen,
Now you’re a guest of Commander Snow,
Yet the people don’t want you here,
It’s your mom’s mustache they fear,
Oh, oh, oh, this I know.

Oh Shireen, little Shireen,
May you have more time to grow,
Dead things will come to dance,
And without help we got no chance.
Oh, oh, oh, this I know.

by Lady of Oldcastle

Under The Sea - Patchface

Dear Shireen, listen to me
The world of Westeros, it’s a mess
Life under the sea is better than all of this big earthly jest!

The rocks are softer than silk
Down there, in that big lake
Your Dad dreams of ruling up here
But that is a big mistake
Just dive into the Narrow Sea
And see in the ocean floor
Such weird, odd things surrounding you
What more are you looking for?

Under the sea, under the sea
Cool down below, and this I know
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Up in the sun, war is the way
From the far North to Slaver’s Bay
While we’re devoting all time to joking
Under the sea

Down there all the fish is floppy
And seafoam is made of soap
And merpeople will kiss you good
When you drown and loose all hope
Down there, all the snow falls up
And rain is dry as a bone
The birds have scales for feathers
And there’s no sins to atone!

Under the sea, under the sea
Everyone beats us, fry us and eat us
In frickazee!
All these warlords think I’m a fool
But I’m wisest in that pool
There are no troubles, life is all bubbles
Under the sea!
Under the sea
Life is so good here, I’ll whisper in your ear
Just come with me!
Even all Lannisters and Starks
Would put down swords and ride the sharks
And start to dancing, joking and prancing
Under the sea!

Yeah, under the sea
Under the sea
They go with the flow, and this I know
Oh, oh, oh, oh
What does Stan has, a lot of beef?
Bet he won’t grind so much his teeth
If he comes down, to my Fool’s Town
Under the sea
Even grayscale has no prevail
Under the sea
Winter’s not coming, nobody’s drumming
That’s why it’s hotter under the water
Yeah, just come with me and all this you’ll see
Under the sea!

By Little Miss Sunshine