All around the Heart Tree
The snark chased the grumkin;
The snark thought “twas all in fun”,
Pop! goes the grumkin.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A stag for a needle—
That’s the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the grumkin.

Meereen‘s got the pale mare
Shireen’s got the greyscale
That’s the way the story goes
Pop! goes the grumkin.

by Howling Mad

Sick and tired
Of all the wrong batch,
I will arouse them
Rainbow we shall catch

Anti-Varys Movement
Our union is as strong a cement
We want our Lord and Lady
Tommen and Shireen, that’s a match worth doing something shady

Their hopes and dreams,
Of Aegon the Sixth,
We shall crush them all,
And throw him into the see

King Tommen and Shireen his queen,
The only true rulers there are,
Of them people would sing,
And they will ride a golden mare

by DR Supporter

Standing among the grey
It began when her life was fading away
Luckily she was saved
But the reminder remained

Now she is standing
On the Wall of Ice
All hope of better days
vanished without a trace

by DR Supporter

The Wolves are ready
Dragons follow behind
Nights Watch wields their blades
Lion lives no more
Except two cubs among the wolves

Shireen leads them all
With a flag
They storm the battlefield
On the flag is a stag

They fight the Others of Winter
Among them the Great Other
Jon Snow is Azar Ahai
And they fight for summer

by DR Supporter

Stannis the Brave!

Stannis you are a brave, brave man,

wrestling Selyse’s mustache like a champ,

although the thought alone made you shiver,

you still managed to deliver.

Everybody is grateful for this,

otherwise Shireen would be missed,

by Patchface, Edric Storm and others,

Although her Greyscale more than bothers.

- by Lady of Oldcastle