Images from episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie go towards Harrenhall with Lannister soldiers, including the Mountain and some of his men, like Ser Armory Loch.

Poppy Milk Blues

Early one morning, while making the round
I took a shot of Poppy Milk and burned my brother Hound
I went right home and I went to bed, I stuck that useless knight toy beneath my head

Got up next morning and I grabbed that toy, I took a shot of Poppy milk, no longer a boy
They made a good run but they ran too slow, I killed my Dad and Sis’ with just a single blow!

Later in life after, slaying my kin, I started doing dirty work for Lord Tywin
He said “Mountain that Rides, your name is not Clegane
You’re the dirty hack who’ll drive this land insane!”

Said “Yes oh yes my Lord, I’ll do as you please! If you got some dirty work just hand it to me!
I killed my wives ‘cause they made me bored
I also killed a man just because he snored!”

When I fought Beric, I knew I would win
The fool wanted me to answer for my every sin!
I killed him and away he bled, he had to be revived by that priest in red!

Some months later, ‘bout six or nine, I saw the royal herald coming down the line
Talked and he coughed as he cleared his throat
He said “Queen Cersei summons you to King’s Landing court!”

At the Red Keep, my combat began, a trial facing that Dornishman
Just before I give him my first sword blow, he starts pissing me off with deaths long ago!

The fight pursued, he still wanted me to confess that I had killed and rape that Dornish princess
Being annoyed - that I can’t afford! So I agreed with him and then I put him through sword!

Oberyn smiled as he went to die, and until my deathbed I didn’t know why!
I won’t die despite his poison, it’s clear! No matter if they got my head down in Sunspear!

C’mon, now I’m UnGregor for the world to see! All men should drink as much Poppy Milk as me!

by Little Miss Sunshine

The Viper vs The Mountain

A Lannister and Tyrell feast
To Joffreys’ wedding and the beauty of peace
Had large bears dancing to Westeros beats
But His Grace King Joff was dead at Imp’s feet

If the Kinslayers are cursed
Kingslayers are off worst
Specially when the Imp smiles while his nephew had coughed
Off that damn Pigeon Pie that was brought

The trial was most splendid
Talks of treason had blended
And every witness had ment it
From Pycelle the bended
who said his poison was lended
To Tyrion’s own whore who attended

The Imp then got hyper
Said if life is a song, who’s the piper
asked for a trial of combat from his Judge Sire
And who will put his life for the Dwarf, his squire?
No it is The Red Viper

Before the fighting had began (an)
The Dornish man was drinking (an)
The lack of armor had him laughing (an)
And said even a mule can climb a Mountain (an)

So the fighting commenced
Yes, it was most intense
For the Red Vipers spear refused to bend

The Dornish screamed “You raped my sister”
Yet the Mountain fighting, refused to hinder
Dornish screamed “You fucking killed her”
Mountain replied “And then I kissed her”

Though the Dornish was bitter
He waited to long to just be a quitter
Sliced Mountain with his spear, but it looked like a splinter

One spectator was dead, so no one was seated
Everyone thought the dog was surely defeated
Sitting poisoned and bleeding
Looked like a sheep, half dead and bleating

The Viper still laughing
At the done dog who was rabid
Yet fighting’s his habit
And admitting defeat cant be an action

The Mountain that rides
As tall as the sky
He chopped the Viper in half, poor fucking guy

By Ndrew of Typhgarian

The Viper vs The Mountain - 2

The Imp accused of treachery,
for regicide on trial stood he,
but kin nor friend would not deny
the accusation was a lie.

Prince Oberyn, from Dorne was he,
A viper, red, proud and free,
The role of judge, he played that part,
but he had vengeance in his heart.

He spoke to broken Tyrion,
"You’ve lost, my friend,your day is done,
but my sigil is the Spear and Sun,
and I will be your champion”.

But Tyrion did more anxious grow,
for both men knew their chosen foe,
a fearsome killer, a king of pain,
Ser Gregor Sandane, of Clegane.

And on the morning of the bought,
the halfman sought the serpent out,
"Is this wisdom, drinking wine?"
"Do not worry,I’ll be fine".

But questions did the Viper pose,
each as he dodged the Mountain’s blows,
"You knew my sister?", he aked with scorn
"She was Elia, Princess of Dorne."

"You raped her" said the Viper as
the Mountain swung in vain.
"You killed her" was the next retort,
his spearhead causing pain.

"You killed her children", he announced,
his spear a serpent’s tongue,
the mountain now was on his back,
to life he barely clung.

But Oberyn, for justice blind,
his vanity was to blame,
refused to kill the beast off
til the killer said her name.

The Mountain grabbed the Viper,
and he roared her name aloud.
"I smashed her fucking head in"
and of this he seemed quite proud.

The Viper dead, the monster dying,
Tyrion, head in hand,
asked “Is there any justice
in this god foresaken land?”

Prince Oberyn was valiant and,
by all his kin was mourned.
The Sand Snakes all agree that,
their revenge was just adjourned.

By redriver