Confess your crimes,
Your mates all sold.
Their heads on spikes
Are soon getting cold.

Confess your crimes,
Your pleas getting old.
It`s pointless to fight,
Just give up the gold!

by only me

Images from episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie go towards Harrenhall with Lannister soldiers, including the Mountain and some of his men, like Ser Armory Loch.

Five favourite deaths in ASoIaF

George’s deaths are always fun
So I’ll make a top five list to my favorite one
Shae broke Tyrion’s heart, so he broke her lungs
Viserys’ death was just so golden
Lysa the crazy took a real long jump
The Tickler’s death “Where’s Dondarrion!”
But Cleos Frey’s skull gets smashed again and again

by Ndrew of Typhgarian