Grumpkin Ahai wins the tourney all over again!

Grumpkin Ahai, the mystery knight
enters the tourney, noone in sight
that were as bold and brave as him,
he an the horse make a winning team!

He wins against all other knights,
for him many an eye of maids lights.
When he wins the last joust, he lovingly names
the Queen of Love and Beauty, and nobody him blames!

By Buckwheat

Tourney is slowly ending …

This tourney has been a blast
Keep rhyming guys, whoever is awake
Good to have you back Grumpkin
I leave you with a nice steak

By Dracarya

Who do you bet on?

A dragon on Ser Loras with the green-and-gold shield,
to whom many a maid would willingly yield!

A stag on Ser Jaime with blazing green eyes,
in which there are many Lannister lies!

A copper on no-ser, angry burned Hound,
who to his Little Bird is by honour bound!

And my silken scarf to Ser Grumpkin Ahai,
so it will flatter high in the sky,
when he has it bound on his sharp and long lance,
and after the tourney, with me he will dance!

By Buckwheat

The Black Sheep of the Trolling Tree!

The tournament is ready
For all the shining knights
They will hold their lances steady
Oh the pageantry, the sights!

Every House is entered,
Their sons their sigils bear,
The bannermen are centered
On raising their honour there.

Even so there’s mystery,
A knight who doesn’t show,
A name, a flag, a history,
Their name no one will know.

His armour made of oddment bits,
No gorgeous matching parts,
Just old pieces from different kits,
Without gold or silver arts.

Yet somehow this knight so bold,
Is besting all the best,
Knocking out the finest all told,
And amazing all the rest.

The only mark upon their shield,
A black sheep on verdant green,
Every knight has had to yield,
To the Ser unseen!

By Fragile Bird

If it’s shit, throw it at Joffrey!

Lord Grumpkin Ahai,
is one of a kind.
Outdrinks Robert B.
and Cersei does squee,
wins gloriously in his own tourney,
makes Dany Queen of Love and Beauty

By Winter’s Lady

From the man himself!

Many colors, the field didn’t look bland
But half of the jousters were cheating talk about a sham
Loras did something sketchy so Sandor then went ham
Twas a crazy experience the tourney of the hand

Joff’s toruney was lousy they chilled on a bench
Renly’s was strange, twas won by a wench
Thinking back on Harrenhall, Robert didn’t act like a mench

Whores and wenches here, prime targets for fuckin
Creating a magical toruney like the squires are munchkins
Been gone for a while, but these rhymes I am lovin
All this tourney needs is Fire & Bud for puffin
This is the world wide famous tournament of Grumpkin

By Grumpkin Ahai

Meanwhile at the Grumpkin’s Tourney!

There once was a young knight, who was oh so bad
But that wasn’t the point, he was just a horny young lad
As long as they knew where he’d been, and in his dashing armour, he was seen
For him, the Grumpkin’s tourney was just the start of a journey
To enamour a young lady’s heart!

By Slurms McKenzie

Welcome to the Grumpkin’s tourney!

The Grumpkin’s tourney has it all,

brave heros and fools who only fall,

singers make songs of this great day,

fair maidens listen to them play.

Whores to fulfill every single kink,

men in mail and girls in pink,

a feast unmatched in history,

and the fairest queen of love and beauty

So come from near and far to witness

that Lord Grumpkin of house Snark is the best

no looking into empty pockets today,

enjoy your tourney m’Lord, we say!

by Winter’s Lady

No Freys allowed!

Red the wine
Black the bread
Bring it here
I’ll have beer instead

No Freys allowed
At this feast
We host only bards
Not treacherous beasts!

Roast beef supper
With potatoes and greens
Lemoncakes for after
The best you’ve seen

Let the direwolves in
The dragons can sit by me
I’ll feed them pork and beef
With a simple dracarys!

By Dracarya

Who do you back?

I back Clegane
In this battle
He’ll slaughter them all
Like sheep and cattle

My dragons are on Sandor
The best dog, the Hound
No little birds to protect
His technique is sound

In honour of the Grumpkin
I pledge my favour
To the man who kills Joffrey
His death I’d like to savour!

By Dracarya

Enter the lists!

Ndrew is back,
now we must attack
the planning of the Grumpkin’s tourney,
this will be a fun journey!

I’ll don my armor and get on my horse,
to win in your honour of course!

By Winter’s Lady

Welcome back, Grumpkin Ahai!

Today we are having a tourney to welcome back one of our bards! Let the games begin!

Welcome to the tourney!
We hope you enjoy your stay
Here in Kings Landing
You can do what you may!

In honour of the Grumpkin
We have a variety of whores
Take your pick, my lord
And later we’ll have roast boar.

More wine for you?
Your wish is our command
Here in Kings Landing
We’re happy to lend a hand.

Welcome back, Grumpkin!
You have been sorely missed
We welcome you with this tourney
And from the queen of love and beauty, a kiss.

Let the knights enter the lists
Ready their horses, wards!
Are you sitting comfortably?
Begin your songs, bards!

By Dracarya

Black Sheep

Crack open the champagne
Dish up the caviar and spoons,
Light the candles now,
Hang up the silver balloons,

The Black Sheep’s back in town.
The Black Sheep’s back in town!

Turn up the radio,
Some hot rock playing loud,
Let the music wash over you,
He’s gonna make you proud!

The Black Sheep’s back in town.
The Black Sheep’s back in town!

By Fragile Bird