ONE FISH TWO FISHone fishtwo fishred fishblue fishBlackfishgone fishFrey fishnew fishthis one hasa little scarthis one felldown very farSay! not a lotof fish there areyes, some are redand some are bluesome are deadand some are newmost are sadand none (as of book 5) are gladand few are very very badwhy are they sad and glad and bad?I do not knowgo ask Robb’s head 
by MrsManderly


one fish
two fish
red fish
blue fish

gone fish
Frey fish
new fish

this one has
a little scar
this one fell
down very far
Say! not a lot
of fish there are

yes, some are red
and some are blue
some are dead
and some are new

most are sad
and none (as of book 5) are glad
and few are very very bad

why are they 
sad and glad and bad?
I do not know
go ask Robb’s head 

by MrsManderly

The Bastard

“What of mine own glorious deeds, attending to my people’s needs?
And my skill in combat that you all adore?
A baseborn birth should never spoil, a life of honour, strength and toil.”
The small folk shrug; to work once more,
As one steps forth on muddy floor.
“You are a bastard, milord, and little more.”

“What of your fraternal respect. A brother whom I did protect?
For sure an advantage you cannot ignore?
A baseborn birth should never spoil, a life of duty, love and toil.”
His brothers shrugs, “I do implore,
You leave these matters at the door.
You are a bastard, brother, for evermore.”

“Such loyalty to my own sire, Lord Father you must sure admire?
In Dorne we both fought in the Young Dragon’s war!
A baseborn birth should never spoil, a life of service, pride and toil.”
Lord Tully spits, “You speak of honour
This baseborn child, born of a whore;
You are a bastard, Rivers, and nothing more.”

by Ser Dermett Corbray

House Words

What is dead may never die
He hears the waves call his name
The wind whispers, calls in sighs
We do not sow, in this game

We always pay our debts
To our friends and our foes
Hear me roar, hear us roar
Everyone does, he knows

When the cold winds blow
The pack survives
But when winter comes
The lone wolf doesn’t die

Fire cannot kill the dragon
She steps onto the pyre
The blood magic of old
Returns, with blood and fire

Family, duty, honour
Honour binds her to the river
But her duty is north
And family it gives her

Ours is the fury
Not one, not two, but three
The stags dance for the throne
Slaughtering happily

We are the sword in the darkness
The shield that guards the realms of men
But what happens to the boy
When home calls to him again?

by Dracarya

Everyone has weaknesses, your current employer hides his very well, but not as well as he thinks…

House Sigils. Hodor.