The Starks of Winterfell

Ned’s face is plain and long

We won a battle that was lost

But now his head is on King’s Landing’s wall

When he died the war was on.

Robb was brave and strong

And he had his crown on

But he married the wrong maiden fair

And now he has wolf’s hair.

Sansa was a maiden fair

Sewing and singing and brushing her hair

A wolf, a lion thought that was a lie

But she will make the bad man fly

Arya’s face was long and horsey

And she always preferred to be outdoorsy

Valar morghulis she just said

And brought her own certain end.

Bran always enjoyed climbing

But the knight was a monster and made him flying

Don’t despair he is alive

And he will be there after everyone die

Rickon the younger grew angry and alone

Left with Osha and got lost

But now that this mummer’s farce is done

The Onion Knight will bring him home

Though he is a Snow Jon is here

Having a white wolf near

He felt in a trap without seeing

And then he found his red sword to save the Realm to save his kin

Because he is the once and future King!

Those are the Starks we love seeing

Because they are special and honorable beings

Though they are scattered they are not lost

Because winter is coming to Westeros.

By Jon’s Queen Consort

Daenerys Targaryen

A thousand leagues, and more beside,
Lay twixt my home and I,
The rolling sea, that earthen tide,
The deep where shadows lie.

I stand and face the Western sun,
That finds it’s ocean bed,
Yet know I’ll sleep, my day now done,
On foreign land instead.

I long for lands with iron thrones,
And Kings of lines long lost,
Of forests filled with lupine moans,
And sands untouched by frost.

I dream of walls that hold me in,
Instead of open space,
No tent of cloth worn paper thin,
But stone crafted in place.

A hold on a forgotten isle,
Where men would call me Lord,
The dream of all who face exile,
That cannot be ignored.

I walk the lands far east of home,
Whose names I cannot speak,
Yet always, still, my thoughts will roam,
Finding the peace I seek.

I hunt solace where all men would,
In times of hurt and loss,
Though memories still never could,
Replace my Westeros. 

by AllMenMustRhyme

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by Silver Spearwife

Gifts from Westeros

If wishes did come true
for fans of ice and fire,
my list would have no end,
too much that I desire!

A direwolf to cuddle,
a dragon in the sky,
a sword of valyrian steel,
and skinchanging to fly!

Greendreams of lottery numbers,
and a raven saying “Corn”,
a barrel of dornish red,
and the luck to be highborn.

But what helps all the wishing,
all that I really need,
is The Winds of Winter nearing,
a gift chapter would be sweet!

by Winter’s Lady

Westerosi Christmas

If I had a Westeros Christmas
Would I get my Game a Thrones wish?
Don’t mean an HBO show, if i did it’s The WIre
I wanna know what Santas like, in the lands of Ice and Fire
I have never left out milk and cookies when it was time to retire
So would I sink a crossbow bolt in the stomach of my sire?
Never put up the ornaments, lights, star and more
But you could bet your arse i’ll light up a tree for R’hllor
I could take lessons from Byrnden, on how Raven’s sore
Then fly to Kingslanding and rob every store
Take delicate chains that’ll smother a whore
Treat dinner like Bob’s funeral and go ham on a boar
When I hear Winter’s Coming, it’s time to hit up the slopes
If I were in Westeros, I’d spot a Frey, time to hit up the ropes
But even a Westeros christmas won’t fulfil all my hopes
I would have a great time, that’s not what I mean to say
But Dany ain’t in Westeros, she’s in Slaver’s Bay

by Hugor Stone

A theme, a theme!

As Christmas draws near
I propose a theme
Christmas songs again!
Of snow Westeros doesn’t dream!

By Dracarya

16 versions and still going strong
No one can say that what we do is wrong
We love to detail our lives in song
And talk of Westeros all day long

The bards have grown to many from few
Hello again and welcome to the new
Come as you are, we don’t care who
Speaking for all - we hope you’ll join us too!

By Dracarya

There was a young girl in Mereen
Whose father a slain king had been
She wanted his throne
By fire, blood and bone
But Westeros yet has not seen

By MrsManderly

The ancient land of Westeros, we have to travel there
If you go now while you’re still young, a queen you’ll be down there
I wish us luck my lovely, we’ll fight hard as we can
And we’ll make our home in Westerosi land

Over there all men and women to you will bend the knee
When they see, Khaleesi, how we burn down the trees
West and Vale and Reach and rivers, all into your hands
When we’ll make our home in Westerosi land

There is snow next to the Wall, there is sand down in Dorne
There’s flowers in the Reach and western gold could all be yours
We will take every city, let them stop us if they can
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land

We’ll fly down to King’s Landing, with the swords that you will hire
We will fly to their cities, and give them to the fire
We’ll take the Eyrie, Winterfell, Highgarden and Storm’s End
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land

There is snow next to the Wall, there is sand down in Dorne
There’s flowers in the Reach and western gold could all be yours
We will take every city, let them stop us if they can
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land

The Lannisters, the Martells, the Greyjoys, the Starks too
The Freys, the Daynes, the Manderlys, the Florents and the Rootes
We’ll fly across the water to set fire to their homes
We’ll go there with your dragons, and to them it will be woe

They’ll die in fields of fire, we’ll burn their bones and skin
They’ll die penned up in castles, names scattered in the wind
They died three hundred years ago and, they’re going to die now
It doesn’t matter how they try they won’t keep us out

There is snow next to the Wall, there is sand down in Dorne
There’s flowers in the Reach and western gold could all be yours
We will take every city, let them stop us if they can
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land
We’ll make our home in Westerosi land

by Franz95

Watcher in the night,
duty kept me away,
15 times we were reborn,
now I came again to play.


by Winter’s Lady

Oh, gods, what’s going on?
This is the amazing 15th thread!
And it was opened while I was not here
(This last line sounded like Dolorous Edd)

Don’t fear, fellow bards, for I’m still alive
And even if my real life asks for me
I’m always thinking about you guys
Now I have to say some things, three:

First of all, some annoying French
Is coming to stay at my place for some days
I think I’m expected to talk to him
So here comes a bit of no-rhyming phase

Secondly, every day I open this thread
And it is the time of the day I like most
None of your works ever disappoints me
So, here it goes: *likes every post*

And thirdly… well, I really don’t know
I only said “three” ‘cause it rhymed with “me”
So I sincerely hope you won’t mind
If my last word here is… refrigerator.

by Franz95

Obligatory Battle Cries!

Prove Littlefinger wrong, life is indeed a song!
The PEACH in the South!
What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger!
Valar rhymaris!

by Buckwheat

What is dead may never die
15 versions, with content I sigh
The mods let us carry on all day
The hand of sorrow our rhymes do stay


by Dracarya

Rhymes of Ice and Fire v.15-And Still Going Strong! :D

This thread wants YOU to rhyme
and please don’t be shy
all are welcome all the time
come forth and let words fly

Just don’t say -


You won’t admit you love rhyming
And so how am I ever to know
You always tell me
Mayhaps mayhaps mayhaps
A million times I’ve asked you
And then
I ask you over
You only answer
Mayhaps mayhaps mayhaps
If you can’t make your mind up
We’ll never get started
And I don’t wanna wind up
Rhyming stranded
So if you really love rhyming
Say yes
But if you don’t dear
And please don’t tell me
Mayhaps mayhaps mayhaps
Mayhaps mayhaps mayhaps

Link to the previous Rhymes thread.

by Little Wing

For A Teary-Eyed Bard

Never let a bashing
Or any other trashing
Make tears fall
Not at all, not at all,
For the world is full of turds,
Who write their crappy words,
Give your opinion, go girl go,
You know what you know,
Many here feel the same way,
They’ve been bashed in their day,
We all know how it feels,
Ground down by those heels, those heels.

by Fragile Bird

The bards are always here for you,
mind my words, since they are true!
No arguing in this our thread,
you can tell when you feel sad,
we’ll offer tea and cakes and fruit,
and soon again you will feel good!

by Buckwheat

Mind not some users on this board
Some seem to have no lives, and get extremely bored
And do the only thing they know how
And that’s only to bring others down
Do not fret, waste no tears
Just sit back and laugh at all the silly jeers

by Dark Night Full of Ninjas

What horrid knaves are those
That dare be mean to a fellow bard
Well, the wrong foe they chose
Cause we bards fight back hard!

by MrsManderly