Guess Who:

Don’t really want you, i’ll give it a try
you’re beautiful, your dragons can fry
Gave you the key to achieve your goal
Didn’t accept it, now your city’s a broken soul.

You defeated us once, but don’t be so glad
I’m attacking west and making you feel bad
Where me and my folk live, its gets quite dry
my nickname may suggest i do, but its you who’ll cry

War has come, and now its my time to rule.
I thought i’d be married, i was a fool.
But i was just loyal, tragedy i didn’t want.
Our lands are taken, i’m a prisoner who’s gaunt.

Covered with lots of fat are my bones
I’m a secret player in the game of thrones.
Oh don’t think i only play for a queen
My glory will come, i’m oh so keen.

by Davos’ fingertip



Dany in the promo of episode 5, "The Ghost of Harrenhal"